SONA Administrators

Semester SONA Maintenance (first week of class) 

  1. Select “Add, modify, or delete courses” located under “Setup” at the bottom of the home page on SONA.
  2. Delete courses from the previous semester by clicking “Yes” located under “Delete?”
  3. All gen psych classes offered for the new semester can be located in the class schedule on the UCO website. 
  4. Select “Psychology” located on the left hand side, the gen psych classes will be listed first.
  5. Scroll down to “New Courses” and add all new gen psych courses. Add the professors name, course name, CRN, and days the course is offered (Lack – Gen Psych – 22222 –MWF). Then add “5” under “Credits Required” and select the professor.
  6. After all old courses have been selected to delete and the new courses have been added, select “Save Changes.”

Adding people to SONA 

  1. Select “Add, edit, or search for users” located under “User Management” at the bottom of the home page on SONA.
  2. Select which type of user you would like to add under “Add New User” on the right side of that page. (researcher, instructor, participant)
  3. Usually participants add themselves to SONA, but if for some odd reason you have to manually add someone, do the following: 
  • Add their first and last name as well as their UCO email. (it has to be their UCO email). 
  • Do not add a password, alternate email, or phone number. SONA will automatically generate a password for them. Select the course they’re in, leave “Credits Earned” as “0” unless instructed otherwise by their professor. 
  • Leave a comment if you must, possibly regarding why you had to add them manually. Do not limit their research unless instructed otherwise. Leave them as active, and select “yes” to emailing them their login information. 
  • Once all the information is entered correctly, click “Save Changes.”