Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I clock in on Paycom?

  • First download the Paycom app for your smart device.
  • If you have not already created an account on Paycom you will need to do so now.
  • After logging in, select the “Time Management” tab.
  • Then click on the “Web Time Clock” link.
  • Select your position based on the position label on your grant approval form. (You should receive an email of approval when your grant is approved, it will have a position description listed. If you are on your supervisor’s grant, they will give you a position to clock in under.)
  • The longest continuous period of time you can clock in is 5 hours, then you must take a mandatory hour-long break because of labor laws (you can clock in for another 5-hour interval after).

2. How do I approve my hours on Paycom?

  • Every two weeks (typically on a Friday) you will need to get on Paycom to approve your hours for the last two weeks.
  • To do this, select the “Time Management” tab on the Paycom app.
  • Then select the “Web Time Sheet (Read-Only)” link.
  • Next, only if your hours are correct, click the “Approve Timecard” button in the bottom right of your time sheet.
  • Try to avoid requesting missed punches because they will generate a lot of virtual waste (spam emails) that may annoy your supervisor.

3. Who can help me with my other Paycom problems?

  • Coordinate with your supervisor for specific instructions about your position.
  • All issues regarding your Paycom app should be directed to Human Resources.

4. How should I go about communicating with other offices (HR, IT, etc.)?

  • Always ask your supervisor what you should do first, because 9 times out of 10 they have done it before and know how you should handle interacting with other UCO offices.
  • A quick google search of “UCO ‘office name’ ” will find you the email and phone numbers of most desired offices. (e.g. google: UCO Human Resources)

5. How should I approach a professor about research opportunities?

  • Start by asking them what projects they are working on, and ask if they need any research assistants for their projects.
  • If they don’t need anymore research assistants, consider asking if they might listen to your own research research ideas and ask for advice on how to get funding.
  • The best way to get the attention of a professor is to take their classes and show interest in the research they are doing. As long as your interests align the professor will most likely want you as a research assistant.

6. How do I learn to program statistics?

  • Repeated practice.
  • Ask your supervisor for advice, but most researchers are self-taught.
  • Find a mentor that is good with that program and ask them to show you the ropes and give you some example programs. There is always the chance that someone in the Statistics or Computer Science Tutoring Central departments might be able to help.
  • There are always YouTube videos that will help with explaining how to write syntax, import data sets, run statistical methods, and create visuals in programs such as MatLab, DirectRT, RStudio, Pebble, etc.

7. How do I Fast-Track the IRB process?

  • Start filling your IRB application as early as possible, this may be while you write a grant proposal.
  • Make your supervisor both the Supervisor and a Co-PI on the IRB, so that when you submit your IRB they will be able to edit it on your behalf instead of sending it back to you for revisions.
  • Have your IRB ready for submission upon receiving your grant approval letter if you are applying for a grant. Depending on the grant approval letter you may have to modify your IRB before submitting.
  • Create scripts and detailed instructions for your experiment ahead of time because you will need to submit those with your IRB. The best advice to getting your IRB quick is to submit it before the end of the month, as the Board only meets once a month to review submissions.

8. What do I do if my IRB is taking to long to get approved?

  • First, be aware you are NOT permitted to conduct any research until you are approved by the Board. So, if you are 3 weeks from your project deadline and have not received IRB approval yet, you will most likely have to modify your time line or scrap your project.
  • For the future, submit your IRB as early as possible. They can take a long time to get approved and can only be expedited by having everything correct for your first submission (which is unlikely).
  • There is no way to speed up the IRB review process once you have submitted the form and it has been approved by your supervisor.