Institutional Review Board

Disclaimer: The IRB recently changed from a paper application to an online application. We currently do not have an updated guide for the online application. However, this guide can still be helpful in answering some of the questions on the IRB, it will just not be in the same format or order as you may see them on the IRB application.

Step 1: Fill out IRB Application here

Step 2:  Filling out the first page of IRB application

  • The name of the Primary PI is yourself
  • College: Education and Professional Studies
  • Campus box is 85
  • Campus phone: 405-974-5707
  • PI status: are you undergraduate or graduate?
  • Name of Co-PI: Your Faculty Mentor
  • Title: Dr.
  • Co-PI status: Faculty
  • Funding: RCSA grant; STLR grant; or any other funding you are receiving for this research.

Step 3: Page 2 of IRB application

Q1: It is best to state the goals of your project in explicit detail, while also describing the logistics of you experiment.  Include a brief explanation of previous research in this area and why your study will add the body of knowledge in this subject area.
Q2a:  Any UCO student (unless your experiment deals with a specific population)
Q2b: List other, SONA System
Q2c: SONA System
Q2d-g: No, unless otherwise specified by your experimental design

Step 4: Page 3 of IRB application
Q3a: 100
Q3b: None of the above (unless otherwise specified by your experimental design)

Step 5: Page 4 of IRB application
Q4a: Provide an extremely explicit description of each detail of your experiment from beginning to end. 

  • What room will they report to?
  • Participants will sign a demographic survey and consent form
  • Then explain experimental design so that it is clear and concise
  • DO NOT FORGET ANY LITTLE DETAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What is your hypothesis?
  • What will you use to measure?
  • Do you have all your materials? If not, how will you get them?

Q4f: Projected start date: Upon IRB approval

Step 6: Page 5-8 of IRB application
Q9c: Consenting will occur at the UCO laboratory.  Each participant reads the written consent form and is given the opportunity to seek clarification upon arrival.  Consent will be obtained prior to participation.  If participants wish not to sign, they may leave at any time, without penalty.
Q10b:  Yes, once the participant views the directions and the experiment is started, the computer will assign a unique code to each participant.  The researcher or researcher’s assistant will inscribe the code upon the survey form.  The survey will be separate from the consent form, so that the name will never be in contact with the code. 
Q11a: Group/Aggregate
Data is reported only in the aggregate or by a participant number that separates the participants’ identities from their data. All data will be reported in summary form, except on occasion when an individual example may be given, at which time, no name or other identifiable information will be given.
Q11b: All data will be stored in electronic or hard copy form by individual researchers in a locked storage cabinet in different drawers located in UCOs locked psychology laboratory. 
Q11e: Paper data documents: 5 years
Electronic data documents: 5 years
Signed informed consent forms: minimum of 3 years
Q11f: Records (separate from research data) regarding which students completed their participation assignments are purged from electronic sources or shredded by individual instructors/researchers after final grades are recorded.  Anonymous data will be destroyed by individual researchers after the standard retention period (see item d above) has passed, electronic data will be reformatted.**These are only examples; customize these examples to work with your experimental design.**