Dr. Vanhoy




Ted Mofle



Graduate Researcher/Manager

Cade Newbold

Undergraduate Researcher

Hannah Whitten

Undergraduate Researcher/Manager

Daniela Flores

Graduate Researcher

Rachel Leppke

Undergraduate Researcher

Kurtis Roberts

Undergraduate Researcher

Taryn Donson

Undergraduate Researcher




– Chanda Rooney: Oklahoma State University, Educational Psychology

– Yasmin Shirali: University of Texas-Austin, Evolutionary Biology
 J. Kyle Haws, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 
Clinical Psychology 
– Thomas Taylor: Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Research & Development
Kathryn Schrantz, Sam Houston State University, Clinical Psychology
 Tiffiany Russell, University of N
orth Dakota, Clinical Psychology 
– Katie Jones: OK Dept of Human Services, Child Support Services
– Crina Silași-Mansat: Texas A&M University,  Experimental Psychology
– Jason Ferrell: University of Texas-Austin, Experimental Psychology
– Doug Preddy: Texas Tech University, 
Experimental Psychology
– Aaron Likens: Arizona State University, 
Experimental Psychology
– James Vaughn: Oklahoma State University, Educational Psychology
– Kelli Vaughn-Johnson: York University, History of Psychology
David Melton: OK Dept of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Svcs, Decision Support
– Heather Rabalais: University of Central Oklahoma, Office of Institutional Research