Graduate Student Survival Guide: THESIS

So you decided to become a graduate student. You’re in the experimental psychology program, the forensic psychology program, or you are a counseling/school/general psychology graduate student and you decided to pursue the masochistic route that is the thesis.

My name is Kathryn Schrantz and I was a forensic psychology graduate student at UCO. I was also the infamous GA. My thesis kicked butt so I’d like to pass on my infinite amounts of knowledge to all of you. (Just kidding about the kicking butt thing…but I did successfully defend it and graduate).

This checklist/guide/manual/whatever you want to call it will hopefully provide you with the tools necessary to propose, collect, analyze, write, and successfully defend (and write some more) your master’s thesis. After all, if you’re in the experimental or forensic program you have no choice. You HAVE to finish your thesis successfully or so long experimental or forensic master’s degree!

I’m not trying to be depressing. Just making sure you’re paying attention.