Ted Mofle

He grew up in the Tri-State Area (SD, MN, ND). His love of statistics and psychological science stems from a desire to see the world as described by data. Ted has a particular appreciation for computationally intensive nonlinear methods with the application of Dynamical Systems approach to Psychology. His current research projects include detecting deception utilizing cognitive measures and a project investigating Action-Specific Perception.  His focus for future research is in the realm of human factors with measures of cognitive load during decision making tasks as well as Human and technology interaction. He previously served as the University of Central Oklahoma’s PSI CHI chapter President and now resides in the Treasurer’s chair. He is one of the Psychology Laboratory Managers and Graduate Research Assistants an opportunity where he hopes to expand his foundation of research experience while mentoring undergraduate research assistances.

Fun Fact: Ted is an avid hot rod and racing fanatic.