Le’Anna Bell-Brown



I grew up in Clinton, OK where I was born and raised. I come from a low middle class family of two working parents that struggled day to day with caring for me and my siblings, so almost everything in life that I wanted I had to work for it. I got accepted into the psychology program at the University of Central Oklahoma, and I strived every day to become smarter than the person I was yesterday. Through my adventures of undergrad, I fell in love with research one statistical analysis at a time. I get a rush from designing experiments and then testing them out. Thankfully I found a wonderful professor who loved research just as much as me and allowed me to work with her on research. I presented at several conferences and designed several experiments. Aside from research I volunteered on any available weekend at the regional food bank, because I believe it is important to never forget where you come from. More times than I could count the regional food bank actually gave my family the opportunity to eat a nice meal whenever my parent’s money got low, so I not only wanted to volunteer as a way of helping families in need, but also to say thank you. Outside of school I partake in hobbies that most people do not find exciting, but I find them intriguing. One of my hobbies is trying to learn a new language. I recently started studying Japanese, because I wanted to know more about the culture and their different customs. Although I am not very good at it right now, I have no doubt I will be in the future. I am a second-year graduate student in the experimental psychology program at the University of Central Oklahoma. I am continuing with my love for research as I start on my master’s thesis. My master’s thesis is over implicit biases and unintended stereotyping. My study looks at the discrimination of people of color and it is tested through an IAT/explicit measurements. My hopes for this study is to bring awareness to an ongoing issue that is negatively effecting peoples way of life. After I graduate, I am unsure on what path I will embark on next but whatever I do it’ll be grand.

Sincerely, Le’Anna 🙂