The University of Central Oklahoma’s Psychology Laboratory

  We love complexity science and scientific psychology! The Lab Boffins seek to understand the elegant principles of self-organization that enable even simple systems to produce complex behavior.  We also serve our department, institution, community, and discipline by providing resources whereby others can pursue their own psychological science projects.  We understand that wavelet analysis isn’t for everyone but if you are interested in psychological science then visit our brown-bag lunch colloquium meetings held most ​WEDNESDAYS at 12:21 in EDU 310.  

  The psychology department has about 850 undergraduate and graduate students.  About 1150 students engage with our laboratory each year as researchers or research participants.  We love to provide research experiences to our university community because psychological science is for everyone!  Our support comes mainly from the College of Education & Professional Studies but we are also grateful to the Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning, the Offices of High Impact Practices/STLR, Career Services/Intern UCO, Research & Sponsored Programs, and Research Compliance, although none of those entities are responsible for the content of this website and nothing we say here should be construed as representing the opinions, policies, or practices of the University of Central Oklahoma or its components. The psychology department has laboratories in the third floor of the Education building (EDU 309). The lab administrator email is for any questions or concerns.